Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let form rule

I have watched closely over the last few days the Andrew Symonds issue, where he spoke on a radio station and people took offence to some flippant comments he made. The radio show, Roy and HG, is not a serious show, they are comedians and as such Andrew was drawn into having a laugh and being relaxed about it.

The journalists who have sought to ruin his career over it have done so only because they cannot run their own career on talent. If they could they would hunt out a real story to report on. All journalists who have written of this and tried to sensationalise something that was innocent ought to retire and go read a book or something. We do not need them.

As for Andrew Symonds, the decision on whether or not he should tour South Africa must be made on form alone. As it stands form might dictate that he stay at home but it should be used as the one deciding factor. I for one am sick of this rubbish of pretending sportspeople should be angels before they are human. Get a grip society, would you like to be sacked for making a mistake and lose your income? None of you would have jobs.

Let's get real and stop supporting media bashing by untalented journalists, too lazy to find a real story.


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