Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swan's buck pass

I see Mr Swan is once again blaming the previous government for its problems, this time its the fixed interest rate people he is trying to defend himself against. You have been in power for fifteen odd months now Mr Swan so give it a rest.

Mr Rudd himself said in his election campaign that his government would not buck pass responsibility on anything, and as yet not one labour minister has stuck his hand up and admitted fault. Mr Swan is the treasurer and interest rates soared under him, not the previous government, when people like myself were warning we were heading for a major problem and they should be finding other avenues to use. We were ignored as usual, because Mr Swan was too busy trying to find someone else to blame.

The same thing has happened with petrol prices, the price per barrel is one third what is was and yet the Australian public are having their hard earned dollars stolen right out of their wallets by the petrol companies every time they fill their car. Mr Swan has ignored the problem because he does not know what to do about and people's minds are on other things just at the moment. I suspect he is currently looking for someone to blame just in case questions are asked of him again.

Give us a break Swan and Rudd, own up to your failings and stop this buck passing nonsense, its become repetitive and tiresome.


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